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*Reminder* when filling out the form for a quote to include photos of the job, often this can help us get a quote to you even faster.

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Window Cleaning

Residential | Commercial

All windows are cleaned with the  No. 1 product in the United States called Glass Gleam 4, a professional window cleaning soap. Glass Gleam contains rain x  which allows the windows to stay cleaner and brighter longer.  No matter whether the window is on the ground level, or 3 stories up, it is cleaned by a professional window cleaner working on a ladder, not using a pole from the ground.  This ensures that window sills are clear of debris and there are not cobwebs in the corners.  We often are called to clean up after companies who use poles to clean the windows instead of going on ladders.  


The Window Cleaning Company is committed to getting the job done. Our services include:

  • Interior/Exterior Window Cleaning

  • Skylights

  • Mirrors

  • Window Sill Cleaning

  • Screen Cleaning


Snow Removal

Residential | Commercial

When the snow flies in Northeast Ohio; you can rely on TWCC to be there when you need us. Residential or Commercial, we will provide on time service with our trucks to clear you driveways, parking lots and more. 

Each plow trucks contains a team of two professional snow removers.  This allows each truck to pay attention to the important details such as removing the snow directly in front of the garage, and making sure the grass remains unharmed. 

We also do not subcontract our work out.  This means that every truck has a sense of accountably.  We only take the number of contracts that each truck can handle, so no waiting all day to get plowed out.  We also do not over-plow to hike up your bill.  Lastly, we are an insured company, so you get a piece of mind when it comes to your property.  


Gutter & Downspout Cleaning

Residential | Commercial

How many times have you walked out of your house after a rain storm  to see your mulch moved away from its previous position and onto your concrete?  This is a red flag that there is blockage in your downspout or gutter.  Some companies will just remove the debris from the gutters which doesn't fix the problem.  Other companies spray the debris into that downspout creating bigger and more expensive problems.  Again, we are often called to fix the problems that other companies leave behind.  

We use a 4 step process to correctly get rain water moving to it's proper location.


  1. Remove debris from the gutters ( i.e. leaves/ shingle grit)

  2. Spray down the gutters. This step allows us to identify if the water is traveling to the downspout or is blocked.

  3. Run water through the downspout.  This step will locate a blockage that we cannot see.  If this is not done, water will run into the ground and eventually cause foundation problems that can cost thousands. 

  4. Remove the part of the downspout that is closest to the ground to ensure the water is going where is should.


Chandelier & Ceiling Fan Cleaning

Residential | Commercial

Chandeliers can be difficult to clean, especially when they are especially high. Trust us to clean your delicate fixtures!

Window Cleaning
Snow Removal
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